Box storage

Prorack + shelving is ideal for storing boxes. Prorack + shelving can store up to 4,8 T per frame (depending on the height of the levels) • Shelving tested according to the European standard FEM 10.2.02.

  • Frames are composed of 2 uprights and cross-pieces made of 15/10 steel.
  • This shelving can be used to store boxes up to a maximum of 1575 kg per level, depending on the type of beam chosen. •
  • Finish : Frames in sendzimir galvanised steel with levels adjustable every 50 mm.
  • 4 Types of cover are offered to adapt to all layouts : chipboard panels, wooden panels, mesh shelves, galvanised sheet metal panels

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Box storage : Technical caracteristics

Offered in 3 frame versions (soldered, bolted, disassembled), in 12 depths, 15 heights (up to 6 metres) and 8 beam lengths (1000 to 2700 mm), this shelving is ideal for storage in workshops, warehouses and shop reserves.