Manufacture and sale of shelving and industrial storage solutions, discover 6 product ranges for all your storage needs for light, semi-heavy or heavy products, handling and logistics flow management, workshop layout, sales areas or storage facilities.

1st French shelving manufacturer

No. 1 in France for manufacturing and selling shelving and industrial storage solutions. See our 6 product ranges that can meet all your storage, logistic and handling requirements.

Our metal shelving and professional storage solutions are adapted to all business sectors : Warehouses, offices, supermarkets (large and small scale), heavy industry, vehicle workshops, administration, health and hospitals... 

We offer tailor-made solutions for specific needs such as shelving for media libraries and libraries, storage racks for boats for dry-docking, storage of paintings and works of art, garage and car workshop units (tyre storage, trolleys and workshop equipment).
Our shelving range is also suitable for order picking in warehouses: trolleys for European standard bins, mesh trolleys and container rolls, picking trolleys...

  • Storage shelving : archives and office, workshop shelving, heavyweight and medium weight shelving ;
  • Management of spaces : platforms and mezzanines, office and industrial partitions, workshop partitions ;
  • Storage bins : plastic bins and crates, wire bins, parts racks, stackable bins ;
  • Handling : hand trucks, trolleys, heavyweight and lightweight handling, pallets and pallet trucks, containers ;
  • Storage of hazardous and/or chemical products: all our pollutant storage solutions such as buckets, retention tanks, waste sorting, phytosanitary cabinets, warning signs ;
  • Profesionnal furniture : office and workshop furniture, cloakrooms and workshop cabinets, workbenches, worktops and workshop workstations, industrial storage solutions...