Storage of stainless steel sheet discs

These pallets are meant for factory storing and transporting stainless steel sheet discs that are destined to become pressure cookers and pans.

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Storage of stainless steel sheet discs : Technical caracteristics

Pallet's distinctive feature : Tilting system for disc piles. The frame has a tilting structure that allows it to hold piles of discs thanks to the V-shaped supports. The pallets are supplied with a special fixed support to be placed close to the loading area. This support allows pallets to be put in place when fixed to the floor. When removed, the support activates the pallet's mobile structure. This means that the piles of discs can be placed vertically before being loaded into the machine. An automatic system with a suction cup then picks up each disc to load it into the stamping machine. This pallet is therefore at the heart of a process that includes storage, internal stock management and integration with the production process. Our manufacturing position allows us to offer you personalised products to meet your specific needs.