Prodyn light flow racking

Flow racking system to accelerate order preparation and ease handling.

Flow system using rollers or wheels. The FIFO (First In, First Out) system provides a logical rotation to avoid stock ageing.

  • Thanks to the flow racking system, you will see time savings of up to 70% in order preparation due to the reduction of trips to fetch items.
  • Takes up less space up to30% approximately with fewer aisles.
  • Flow racking means separate loading and unloading zones, making the pickers' job easier.

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Prodyn light flow racking : Technical caracteristics

The advantages :

Products slide down the rails on wheels by gravity reducing internal handling times. Straight aisles are time-saving and mean fewer errors in preparation.
Provides a better overview of all the products in stock making their handling and flash inventories easier.
Concentration of stocked products.
Thanks to flow racking, stocked merchandise automatically moves to the removal side

Provost Advices

After a study of your requirements, the PROVOST counsellor will bring you solutions that are space-saving, time-saving (up to 70%) and quality improving for your order fulfilment.