Workshop partition


Delineate, protect, separate, isolate, organise

  • Modular: Partitions allow dangerous products to be isolated and clearly define risk areas in warehouses. They can also be used to separate high value added areas or protected traffic zones.
  • Easy assembly: Thanks to interchangable standard elements and components.
  • Adapts it all installations without modification to existing services such as electricity, air-conditioning, heating and ventilation, etc.
  • May be equipped with swinging or sliding doors, easy to handle in all circumstances.
  • Permanent visibility = safety: The mesh workshop partitions do not reduce lighting, which means that protection and circulation can proceed without risk.

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Workshop partition : Technical caracteristics

  • Rigidity: guaranteed by the use of soldered link mesh 50x50 mm, made of 3 mm diam. wire.
  • Simplicity: bolted assembly of the one-part frames ensures fast and easy assembly.
  • Stability: the posts with integrated load struts ensure the complete stability of the installations.
  • Safety: the mesh or sheet metal coverings are soldered to the axis of the tubes and to the frame interior, there is therefore no risk of snagging.
  • Modular: the standard modular components and interchangeable.
  • Adaptable: the MODUL+ concept allow extensions in all directions and all installation modifications.