Swinging door for workshop partition

Provost offers you a range of swinging doors (single or double) for workshop partitions.

  • Single swinging door:

A simple and robust design, available in 2200 mm high and 2 versions: "Eco" and "Standard". Supplied assembled. The door frame is made of 50x30 mm tube with an independent and removable upper crosspiece. The door is made of 30x30 mm tube, mesh with 50x50x3mm links. 8 anchors (not incl.) per door. The addition of a transom frame permits heights of between 2200 and 3000mm.

The standard door is mainly used for daily usage. Closed using a lock with 3 keys (European cylinder). Supplied with handles and aluminium lever handles. The swinging door is covered with 50x50 mesh and sheet metal in the central section

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    Swinging door for workshop partition : Technical caracteristics

    The "ECO" door is mainly used in little used zones. Closure with padlock tabs (not supplied). The swinging door is entirely covered with 50x50 mesh with a reinforcing tube in the central section

    Example of use: To provide security for an electrical cabinet or a technical room.

    Options on request for a single swinging door: Other colours, handle with keypad, door closer, panic bar, door 1/2 sheet metal, all sheet metal, additional identical cylinders, cylinders for pass keys with pass keys.

    • Double swinging door:

    Mainly used in zones with forklift traffic. Of robust design, it comprises 2 posts 80x80 mm and mesh covered doors with a central sheet metal band. Easy to install, it is reversible to open inwards or outwards. The door hinges allow for floor defects. Without a high crosspiece, it provides entry for handling vehicles. Closes with a 3 key lock (European cylinder) mesh links 50x50x3 mm, finish: Epoxy blue RAL 5019, 10 anchors (not included) per door.

    Options on request for the double swinging door: Colours, handle with keypad, doors fully sheet metal covered, identical cylinders supplied or cylinders for pass keys with pass keys.

    Provost Advices

    How is the doors' opening direction determined?

    The operator is considered to push the door to the right or to the left on entering the room.