Proroll 362 steering wheel mobile shelving

A system designed to save up to 80% of space.
362 mm deep and in conjunction with Proclass office shelving, lthe compact Proroll shelving becomes a very efficient system for compressing archives: boxes or hanging files.

Compact shelving system made up of carts that travel on rails wither manually or using a motorised system. The carts travel on tracks from which they cannot derail, and which are inlaid in a level floor. Complete security by steering wheel lock.

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Proroll 362 steering wheel mobile shelving : Technical caracteristics

Save space: With PROROLL mobile shelving, it is the aisles that move, not people. A single aisle is sufficient. Storage volume is multiplied by 1.8.

Make the most of space: the mobile archiving system provides better space management

Save time: Easier access means faster searches for goods or documents