Pro Art unit and museum display cabinets

Pro Art unit and museum display cabinets Maximize

Unit with drawers and display for museums and museum reserves. Structure made up of frames and beams Prorack +.

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Pro Art meuble à tiroirs et vitrines

Pro Art unit and museum display cabinets : Technical caracteristics

Glassed high box: Display case with 2 glass sliding doors with keyed lock. Glazing "PLANILUX" clear 6 mm polished 4 sides, groove at top for opening. Sides with 8 perforations spaced at 75 mm for hanging shelves. Colour RAL 7035.
Accessories for glassed high box: Clad shelf adjustable every 75 mm, load 80 kg/UR per shelf RAL 7035. Frame supplied with 8 removable panels width 160 mm load 100 kg/UR per level RAL 7035.
Low box: Supplied with drawers on ball bearings, extension 100 %. Load per drawer 80 kg. Drawers usable dimensions 1183x553x295/220/145ht. RAL 7035.
Other possibilities on request : perforations possible in base for ventilation. Other dimensions and finishes. Maximum dimensions of boxes: length 1500, height 1500, depth 1000