Pro Art extractable - Storage grids for paintings

Pro Art shelving for paintings provides a storage system on rails that can optimise space in museum reserves. Enables paintings and tapestries to be stored on grids.

  • Allows 3 dimensional frames to be hung: 1700x2400, 2000x3000, 2500x3500 mm.
  • Composed of a tubular structure with a front handle to pull it out. Double-sided panel that provides support for up to 400 kg hung on either side without any risk of the artwork falling.
  • Grids guided by nylon wheels in the lower section.
  • Upper section: Attached to an independent structure by a rail with wheels, enabling easy extraction of grids.
  • Finish dark grey RAL 7016 or silver grey RAL 9006 as standard. Other colours and sizes on request.

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Pro Art extractible