Trolley E Commerce

Trolley designed for e-commerce. It allows preparation of client orders in the storage area and delivery of products to the client's boot. This trolley handles a 200 kg load and has 4 swivelling casters at the 4 corners + a 5th fixed steering wheel that remains in contact with the ground. This 5th wheel has 2 advantages : It is in the centre of the trolley and can therefore turn on its own axis and maintain optimum manoeuvrability... Above all it avoids the trolley deviating to the side on stright lines or sloped floors...

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    Trolley E Commerce : Technical caracteristics

    Principe for use :

    One trolley per client order. The picker takes products from shelves and places them in folding stackable bins placed on the trolley's upper level. The lower level is used for placing heavy and/or voluminous products (packs of water bottles, drums of washing powder, etc.). The operator may place up to 2 piles of 3 bins 600 x 400 on the trolley's upper level. The trolley also has a hook for holding bags. For pick-up, an operator uses the trolley to deliver to the client in the car park. Its 5th wheel is very useful on macadam car parks (with slight slope) to avoid lateral deflection. It also means that the operator does not have to pull the trolley to guide it. To unload, the operator can hold the trolley in place using the brake pedals on the casters (handle side). This solution also has the advantage og being a lot less noisy than steel mesh trolleys.

    Matière Steel