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Are you looking to reorganise your office, shop, workshop or warehouse space ? Or to store and manage your goods, optimise flows, mark off and protect certain areas or safeguard your environment?

Provost offers six standard product ranges, available online, as well as turnkey solutions.

Discover our product demonstration videos and take a virtual tour of our interactive showroom

Discover the Provost showroom

Take a virtual tour of the Provost showroom.

Drive in storage

Pallet flow storage systems are especially suited to small numbers of high-volume product lines with regular turnover. They offer a real time saving in terms of order preparation, reducing picking trips by up to 70%, and create up to 30% more space by eliminating aisles. Stored merchandise is moved automatically towards the order picking side. Products move down using gravity, decreasing internal handling times. Loading and dispatch zones are separate, making the pickers’ task easier.

Live storage

Discover our video on drive-in/drive-through pallet racking. This storage system is especially suited to homogeneous goods with large numbers of pallets for each product line. By eliminating the aisles between shelves, drive-in/drive-through storage provides a real space saving. Use of this solution maximises the storage height and depth of your warehouse over several levels.

Mobile shelving

Proroll mobile shelving from Provost is the ideal storage solution for your archive boxes and hanging files. By moving the aisles, not your personnel, this system for compact archive storage increases your storage space by a factor of 1.8.

A single aisle is sufficient..