Phytosanitary cupboard H1000 x W500

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Cupboard for chemical products :
Identify and isolate your products that are Toxic T & T+, Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Teratogenic, Harmful, Irritants, dangerous for the environment and your products which are not or only with difficulty inflammable.

In conformity with decree n° 87-361 dated 27 May 1987.

  • Phytosanitary cupboards single piece robust made of steel 9 and 10/10ths offered with interior dimensions H x L x P (mm) 900 x 420 x 470
  • Construction allows horizontal extension of shelves and bin.
  • Natural ventilation in the lower section on the doors and on the body of the upper section to avoid any build-up of harmful gases (supplied with a flange to connect to mechanical ventilation).

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Réf.Height (mm)Length (mm)Depth maxCapacityWeight (kg)Price ex. VATQuantité
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Réf.Height (mm)Length (mm)Depth maxCapacityWeight (kg)Price ex. VAT
2058.900.34100050050012l28549.00 €
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    Phytosanitary cupboard H1000 x W500 : Technical caracteristics

    • Doors open to 180°. Closure top and bottom of phytosanitary cupboard with 2 key lock.
    • Cupboard with one retaining shelf (capacity 12 litres) height adjustable in 25 mm increments with lateral overflows.
    • Removable sump with lateral deflectors to channel any possible overflow from shelves. Sump capacity in lower level (litres): 22.5 litres).
    • Load per level: 40 kg
    • Document holder for the stock register and safety data sheets.
    • Risk pictograms in compliance with standard NF X 08-003, safety reminder and telephone n° of poison control centres.
    • Finish: Textured epoxy powder green RAL 6032.

    Provost Advices

    In conformity with decree n°87-361 dated 27 May 1987, of the public health code (Art R.5162 and R.5170), of the labour code (art. R.231-54-7, 8, 12 & 13 ; R.232-5-6; R232-12 & 15), of the environmental code (art. L.216-6), of the recomendations of regional vegetation protection services of the chambers of agriculture and phytological products, of the M.S.A, the D.R.I.R.E and the I.N.R.S