Phytosanitary cupboard H1950 x W500

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For storage of chemical and toxic products

Ptosanitary cupboard designed for the isolation of products that are dangerous for the environment, products that are Toxic T & T+, Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Teratogenic, Harmful, Irritants, dangerous for the environment and products which are not, or only with difficulty, inflammable.

In conformity with decree N°87-361 dated 27 May 1987...

  • Single piece supboard in steel 9 and 10/10ths
  • Interior dimensions: H x W x D (mm): 1850 x 420 x 470.
  • Natural ventilation on the doors of the lower section and on the body of the upper section avoids any accumulation of harmful gases, (supplied with flange for connecting to mechanical ventilation).
  • Construction allows lateral extenion of shelves and bin.

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Réf.Height (mm)Length (mm)Depth maxWeight (kg)Price ex. VAT
2058.900.32195050050048721.00 €
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    Phytosanitary cupboard H1950 x W500 : Technical caracteristics

    • Doors open to 180°. Closure top and bottom with 2 key lock.
    • Cupboard for chemical products with 3 retaining shelves (capacity 12 litres) height adjustable in 25 mm increments with lateral overflows.
    • Removable sump with lateral deflectors to channel any possible overflow from shelves. Sump capacity in lower level (litres): 22.5).
    • Load per level: 40 kg
    • Document holder for the stock register and safety data sheets.
    • Risk pictograms in compliance with standard NF X 08-003, safety reminder and telephone n° of poison control centres.
    • Finish: Textured epoxy powder green RAL 6032.

    Provost Advices

    In conformity with decree n°87-361 dated 27 May 1987, of the public health code (Art R.5162 and R.5170), of the labour code (art. R.231-54-7, 8, 12 & 13 ; R.232-5-6; R232-12 & 15), of the environmental code (art. L.216-6), of the recomendations of regional vegetation protection services of the chambers of agriculture and phytological products, of the M.S.A, the D.R.I.R.E and the I.N.R.S