A Normativ Approach

provostProvost has always given priority to a normative approach as a guarantee of professionalism and security.

For many years now, all the products brought to market by Provost have been subject to a normative approach certified by independent audit organizations (Bureau Veritas, Cetim, etc.).  . 

provost It is with this rigorous approach that the modular platform (Proplus LP) and the cantilever (Cantipro) are produced in conformity with European standards for metallic constructions Eurocode 3.

provost Concerning the pallet shelving (Propal+) and the mid-weight shelving (Prorack+), they have received certification by Cetim in view of the mechanical tests for resistance required by the texts. For some ten years these products have successfully met the normative requirements of FEM 10.2.02 and their evolution follows the modifications to the texts.

provostBased on its expertise and experience, Provost constantly develops its products to make sure that they always meet the current conception standards: from CM66 to Eurocode 3, from NV 65 to Eurocode1, from FEM 10.2.02 to the standards EN15512 and 15620.

provost Furthermore, security devices such as stairways and guardrails are designed in conformity with the EN14122-3 standards. The same is true for specific platforms, such as installed in establishments open to the public, which meet specific regulatory requirements.

provost Provost also develops handling products in conformity with the European standard EN 1757-3.

provostWth the help of specific calculation softwares, our engineers draw up the dimensions of your specific installations. Whether these installations are subject to climatic constraint or stability calculations for installations inside a building, Provost provides its clients with the calculations showing the stability and the mechanical integrity of its constructions.