Storage for specific loads

Propal + can provide storage for all sorts of loads other than pallets: rolls, reels, plates, long loads, pipes, tubes, etc. 

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Stockage spécifique

Storage for specific loads : Technical caracteristics

The advantages:

- Adaptable : Levels adjustable every 75 mm.

- Reliable: Excellent distribution of effort obtained by the concept of the hook that wraps around the upright at a height of 275 mm.

- Robust: The upright is cold rolled and has 10 bends providing great resistance to buckling.

Technical characteristics: 10 Depths: from 600 mm to 1500 mm (from 100 to 100 mm).  22 Heights: from 1800 mm to 8100 mm (from 300 to 300 mm).  15 Lengths from 1500 to 3900 mm.