Bin marking and personalization

To optimise your logistics and reinforce your visual identity, personalize your plastic bins with your logo or your choice of text ; PROVOST offers you several identification solutions for your bins and storage crates. Hot stamping, screen printing, labelling.

Choose your marking :

  • Text in capital letters (3 lines of marking possible).
  • Your logo with or without text (requires creation of a master plate and a reusable matrix of identical dimensions.
  • Marking 1 colour : 7 colours available (black, yellow, red, green, blue white and gold.

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Bin marking and personalization

Bin marking and personalization : Technical caracteristics

Hot stamping :

  • Marking done with a stamp with the lettering mounted on a high T matrix.
  • Letters are hot-transferred to the surface of the bins from a plasticized colour film.
  • Marking in monochrome capital letters : 7 colours possible (black, yellow, red, green, blue, white, gold), 3 lines of marking possible.
  • Figures from 0 to 9 - Letters from A to Z - Symbols : /-,.€.
  • Height of figures and letters : 15 mm.
  • Width of figures and letters : 10 mm. Number of characters max. per line : 18 (including spaces)

Marking by screen printing :

  • The production of a printing plate with your logo (with or without text) ensures superior quality.
  • Logo in vectorised .EPS or .PDF format