Lid for plastic pallet 1200 x 800 mm

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This lid for plastic pallets with integrated straps is the ideal solution for saving time while you prepare your shipments and secure your handling operations.

It also eliminates packaging waste. Made of injected plastic, this robust lid with 2 retractable straps allows you to increase the load volume of your pallets (up to 50 % extra volume per pallet). The lid also allows you to stack pallets safely.

Save time while preparing your shipments: it can be put in place very quickly and allows you to save up to 2 minutes compared to stretchable film. The secured pallet can be shipped as soon as it comes off the production line and therefore eliminates the need for unnecessary palleting stations.

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Réf.Length (mm)Width (mm)Price ex. VAT
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    Lid for plastic pallet 1200 x 800 mm : Technical caracteristics

    This system has lockable straps which allow you to apply uniform vertical pressure to the contents of the pallet and secure the stability of a pile of crates or boxes. The straps can be fixed underneath the pallet thanks to robust hooks. The ratchet tension system allows you to secure the pile very quickly. This 100% recyclable lid helps the environment by providing an alternative to shrink film and disposable packaging in logistic circuits.

    • Model made of polypropylene and has 2 straps.
    • Dimensions: L1200 x W800 x H71 mm.
    • Maximum static load : 2000 kg.
    • Maximum load per strap : 140 kg.
    • Maximum strap length : 2.5 m
    • “Impact” polypropylene
    • Operating temperature range : from -20°C to +40°C