Prodyn flow storage

The ideal solution to speed up order fulfilment and make handling easier. This system adapts to all sectors of activity: for small, medium and large packaging

The advantages:

  • Time savings of up to 70% in order fulfilment through reduced picking trips.
  • Space savings of up to 30% approximately by eliminating aisles.
  • Separate loading and dispatching zones, making the pickers' task easier.

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Prodyn flow storage : Technical caracteristics

rayonnage dynamique palettes

  • Products move down using gravity on rails with wheels thus decreasing internal handling times.
  • Straight aisles mean time savings and less risk of picking error.
  • A better overall view of stored goods making it easier to take them and to make flash inventories.
  • Concentrated volume of stored goods.
  • Stored merchandise automatically moves towards the picking side

Provost Advices

Gravity flow racking for pallets is suitable for goods that have a regular rotation in large quantities but a small number of references. The basic rule is that one conveyor rail equals one reference and one delivery.

This system provides real TIME SAVINGS in order fulfilment and means a reduction of up to 70 % in picking trips. It also provides SPACE SAVINGS by eliminating aisles and concentrating the volume of stored goods.

By delivering to the same side, this means it is a LIFO system (Last In - First Out).
Access to goods on opposing sides of the installation provides a FIFO system (First In - First Out).