Flow rack Cart Pushback

Avdantage of Pushback storage over Drive-in: Stock management is much more flexible as 1 reference = 1 location. (In the Drive-in system, 1 reference = 1 aisle).

This system makes it unnecessary to enter the installation and therefore avoids goods dropping on personnel the risk of the forklift getting caught in the installation. A storage system that ensures staff security and that of the shelving framework.

Important time savings in order fulfilment as everything is accessible from the aisle without entering the storage installation.

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Flow rack Cart Pushback : Technical caracteristics

The Pushback aisles provide storage for 2 to 6 pallets in depth and for loads up to 1200 Kg. The Pushback system can also be supplied with crosswise rollers on the upper levels and mass storage at floor level

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stockage cart pushback