Removable, modular divider

Create work areas, offices, meeting rooms.

Functional, adjustable and modular. Integration of movable dividers on or below a platform in an industrial setting to save space and create workplaces.

  • Divider framework: extruded aluminium, links between posts and crosspieces by adjustable brackets.
  • Panels: 12 mm MDF or plasterboard attached to framework with clip-on edge moulding.
  • Each side of the divider may have different facings: PVC, expanded vinyl, melamine, etc.




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Removable, modular divider : Technical caracteristics

  • Insulation: incorporation of glass mineral wool or rock mineral wool (thickness 45 mm) in the centre of the divider.
  • Finish: aluminium joint covers, anodised, satin or lacquered, following the RAL colour range, clipped onto the framework
  • Floor junction: anodised or lacquered aluminium profile 38 mm high.
  • Divider doors: laminated full or with oculus, glazed (type Clarit) or with aluminium frame. Removable aluminium door frame, reversible, with noise-reducing seal. Adjustable and removable aluminium hinges.
  • Glazing: 5 à 8 mm thick with anti-vibration seals. Single, double glazing or laminated glass (STADIP).
  • Accessories: counters, sliding frames, blinds



Provost Advices

You may personalise your workplace by choosing full or glazed modules, doors with or without oculus and colours and finishes according to your needs or wishes.

These dividers allow you to optimise and modify your work area. They can be used with out platform PROPLUS LP.