PAB mezzanine platform

Gain m² without building using a mezzanine platform, an economical solution!

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Plate forme mezzanine ERP

PAB mezzanine platform : Technical caracteristics

PAB mezzanine platform. For public access buildings (PAB).

My building has public access: what are the constraints?

There are three constraints.

Firstly, smoke evacuation. Depending on the surface and ceiling height of your building, you must leave openings in the platforms and rack covers to allow smoke to escape in case of fire.

The mezzanin platforms must then be equipped as follows: PAB guardrails and stairways according to the NF P 01-012 standard, load conditions as defined by the NF P 06-001 standard and minimum distances to be respected for safety exits.

Finally, the aisles must allow a number of persons proportional to the building's capacity to pass.

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