Roll system for carpet display and storage

Display, store and dispense up to 10 carpet rolls in an elegant and efficient way with our ROLL carpet roll dispenser rack. For all common carpet roll sizes between 1 and 4 m. This presentation system is suitable for professional use in any retail environment, e.g. carpet shops or interior design shops.

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Roll system for carpet display and storage : Technical caracteristics

The ROLL carpet roll dispenser rack has a structure made of solid steel finished in epoxy powder coating.

It is available in a single sided and a double sided version and in different sizes for carpet rolls ranging from 1 to 4 m. The single sided version can store up to 5 carpet rolls, the double sided version up to 10 carpet rolls.

Other storage solutions for carpets

Discover in our wide range of solutions more possibilities to store efficiently carpets and carpet pads :

  • Stack racks are very useful for storing or transporting carpet pads. They are portable, stackable and when not in use collapsible. By using stacking racks you can use the full height of your building, thus maximizing the available floor space ;
  • Propal 3 pallet racks are suited for horizontal storage of carpets, Cantipro cantilever racks are suited for vertical storage of carpets.