Lease with an option to buy

provost With their partner, a specialist in leases with option to buy, Provost can offer you financing for your project for periods between 13 and 63 months* without affecting your treasury, or putting you in debt.

Quick and easy to set up

plf-archiveprovost Accounting and fiscal advantages :

  • You can equip your company immediately and make monthly payments.
  • You do not have to touch your treasury, which therefore remains available for your cash flow. 
  • Your material is not considered as a tangible asset and does not need to be amortised. 
  • You do not have to pay VAT in advance (it is paid only on the monthly leasing invoices).
  • Your lease payments are considered to be expenses and are deductible from your profits.

provostplfFinancing example  :

> Purchase using equity capital : 15 000 Euros.

> Lease with option to buy :
Lease payment 305 € /monthly

Duration : 60 months*

provost Following a study of your requirements, Provost will offer you the most appropriate financial solution from both a point of view of returns and security..

* Non-contractual data subject to changes